Inspiration Via a LinkedIn Editor: From Corporate to Confident and Independent

As a therapist by trade, I often use various theoretical lens’ from psychology and sociology when thinking about growth and change from an organizational and professional perspective. Getting back to basics and thinking through a cognitive-behavioral focus we understand that our thoughts influence our feelings, consequently influencing our behavior. If we can change the way we think about our career paths and any perceived limitations related to those paths, we can ultimately change the way we feel and act. Yes, I am inciting that our thoughts are simply that…

My Orchid and I

Why do I want to live a heart-centered life anyway, one might ask? Well, the question really is: why not? The alternative is having a closed-off heart and lacking the desire or capacity to give or receive love. Does that sound like a way to live our one short life in our current vessel? We can view ourselves as either great, small, or somewhere in between. Let me explain further:

  • We can magnify the reality of our impact on the world.
  • We can render ourselves insignificant.
  • We can live a life of purpose.

As someone who has given their life…

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Depression isn’t a one size fits all malignancy. It comes in many shapes and variations. Let’s visit the depression boutique for example sake: we’ve got Major Depressive Disorder, recurrent, severe or “When Will it Ever End” depression; Dysthymia or “Everything is Coated in a Shade of Gray, but Sometimes I Smile” depression; Depressive Disorder not otherwise specified, or “My Therapist Doesn’t Really Know What’s Going On so He Gives me This Cheap Diagnosis” depression; Major Depressive Disorder with psychotic features or “I’ve Let My Depression Get So Bad I Now believe my Negative Cognitions” depression, and let’s not forget about…

You’re not insane. You’re completely normal. Here’s why.

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Here are three very sane reasons why you’re having trouble getting over your narcissistic ex. You may not identify with all of them, but surely you can identify with some:

  1. You have a savior complex
  2. You have a knack for enjoying masochism.
  3. You are not allowing yourself to accept that you really love(d) this person.

Let’s explore these reasons further…

“ ‘Cause you are the one they spoke about

I never believed I’d make it out

You weren’t around for quite a while

Were you saving all the killer whales?”


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I always knew I would own my own business, even at a very young age. I have a rebel spirit which makes me despise being told what to do and having a boss. There’s a fire inside of me that sometimes is my worst enemy because I don’t know when to quit. That’s okay because no one wants to be a quitter anyway. If you mirror these sentiments chances are you already doing your own thing or thinking long and hard about it. Here are a few gems that I’ve learned along the way.

1. People I Loved Laughed At…

We’re Burned Out Too…

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Therapists and mental health counselors are beyond grateful for the rapid introduction and immersion of telehealth into our worlds. During the last year, telehealth use has exploded, along with the number of referrals practitioners are receiving.

We are more accessible than ever before! Working from home is definitely convenient but we have to be cautious that we are not taking on more referrals than is manageable. Here is a list of ways to ensure we are taking care of ourselves, as well as our clients.

7 Ways to Avoid Burnout as a Therapist While Working From Home

1. Find what made you passionate about the work in the first place.

Bring yourself back to the reason you knew that being a therapist was your calling…

I Promise Not to Always be This Preachy

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If I close my eyes’ I can picture myself in a Catholic schoolgirl uniform, long pin-straight brown hair, with my hands folded on my 1st-grade desk at Holy Cross School in New Britain, Connecticut (which no longer exists) anxious to learn, anxious to pray, anxious to be seen. At my core, I’m not much different today. While I no longer consider myself a Catholic for various reasons, I do consider myself a believer in God and a walking testament of his almighty power and grace.

There are so many experiences I’ve had…

Are We Adult Children of Child Parents?

Speculation on Why Our Parents Are Emotionally Inept

Behavior is often modeled and learned, and cycles of abuse and neglect are often intergenerational patterns. Possibly our grandparents were less than perfect when it came to being emotionally available and present for their kids. It seems only within the last 10–15 years have we begun giving overdue attention to exploring and understanding the importance of emotional health. Our Baby Boomer and Gen X parents simply did not value developing their emotional IQ. To note, there is relevant historical context such as the post World…

Normalizing Different Ways to Date

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1. The Casual Dater:

Keeping it laissez-faire? Good for you! Obviously, you can date and not be invested in a relationship.

Caveat: You can also casually date and NOT be looking to hook up. Casual dating and being sexually intimate with someone are not mutually inclusive.

The mantra here is “do no harm”. Be clear about your intentions with those you’re going on dates with. You’ll enjoy casual dating more if you’re dating other casual daters. …

Why do we lie to anyone? There are a multitude of reasons why we might lie to others. In order to save face, to avoid criticism, to avoid making waves in a relationship? — to name a few. Who do we lie to the most? Those closest to us? Strangers? Those we don’t necessarily want to hurt, but don’t care about enough to tell the truth? It often seems the closer the relationship is to our sense of identity and safety the larger the lies we’re willing to tell to avoid loss and pain. What kind of people tell lies…

Danielle Urciullo

Boston based psychotherapist, creative entrepreneur, self-love enthusiast, feminist warrior. Find me: @; IG: the_ditsy_therapist

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